Author of two books: The Serpent Rising: a journey of spiritual seduction - a memoir of my experiences in India in the 1970s and Coming Together - a collection of poems.

Co-ordinator and production manager of Flights of Fantasy (Black Possum Publishing Co-operative)

Assisted Bernard Gunther in the compilation of Neo Tantra: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh on sex love prayer and transcendence (Harper & Row, N.Y.).

Freelance journalist whose articles explore a range of issues including cults, domestic violence, the Hendra virus, the dangers of meditation, child abuse in the Hare Krishna sect, ecovillages and the Andrew Fitzherbert murder case.

In 2014, I completed a PhD at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Blogging in the mainstream: Australian journalist-blogs and public deliberation.

In 2005, I began working on a book on my father, Oscar Garden, a pioneer aviator. After several long breaks, it is now finished and I am looking for a publisher!

Iíve also become a cycling nut and joined the lycra lizards on the road. When Iíve got time I will write some articles about this new love affair, but in the interim Iím often chatting (tweeting) about my adventures on Twitter @marygarden.